6 Ways That Over 3,300 Photographers Have Benefitted From The Group 

I'm going to show you how over 3,300 people have used the group and the benefits that you can also get from joining the FREE FB Group... 

  1. Interested in Photography 
  2. Share & Learn - With that amount of members you can benefit from their experience 
  3. Get financial reward from your photography work 
  4. Enjoy daily themed posts 
  5. Network with a group as big as ours you are guaranteed to find somebody who can help you and vice versa 
  6. Be part of the fastest growing photography group 

For as long as I can remember I have always thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs. When I was young I can remember walking round the house with those classic disposable cameras and taking pictures of anything that caught my eye. I knew that one day I would buy myself a nice camera and really get into it but it wasn’t until the release of Instagram that I actually decided to pursue it as a career.

Now I have created a group which has grown beyond my wildest dreams, like seriously HUGE... 

Why did I create this I hear you ask?

I managed to win/place highly in a few online photography competitions, which seemed to grow my Instagram account even more and get my name out into the world. I picked up some great jobs just off the back of these competition wins! So I thought hey if I am a photographer and I feel this way there must be others like me, I started the Facebook group so we could motivate each other, share tips and grow our network - BOY DID IT! 

Now I am fortunate enough to be able to travel the world and see things that I could only dream of 18 months ago. Best of all…I get paid for it! I have worked with the likes of Trip Advisor, Airbnb, Storm London, Mazda, and Adobe just to name a few. I see my images used on websites and in magazines and I couldn’t be happier. I know there are many better photographers out there than me and even now I still learn new things every day that I use to develop my photographs and push me onto my next job.

Who knows what your story will be like, all I want to encourage you to do is tell it within our group below.... 

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