Testing Tuesdays Facebook Group Category Winner

Pam Sutton takes the prize with this incredibly technical shot! Want to know how it was done?

"The main difficulty with trying to capture the reflection of words/logo in her eye was the mirroring of the logo. We tried using mirrors to reverse it in her eye but lining up two reflections was near impossible. In the end we reversed a really large canvas banner that had her logo on it and used strong lighting behind it to make the logo show up better in her eye. It was a lot of trial and error to get the positioning right. Hence the need for five people. An essential ingredient is a very patient model, sitting very comfortably with lots of eye drops and extra makeup. I used a 60mm macro lens on an Olympus OMD-EM5 at 1/60 f 2.8 1600 ISO and LED bright white lighting (they were my underwater focus lights cause I didn't have decent land lighting back then lol). My limitation was the light, as you can tell by the settings, even though I was using strong underwater lights. Better lighting might have allowed me to close down the aperture and get a better depth of field. Post processing was minimal in Lightroom, just contrast adjustments."

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