Helpful Thursday Facebook Group Category Winner

"I don't recommend anything I did to you for capturing a similar image. However at the time, I really wanted this shot, because no one before me had captured this angle. Pictured, is what we at Fort Hood call "The Cavalry Charge." At the end of any ceremony or parade field event at the 1st Cav. Div. Headquarters building the Horse Cavalry Detachment will perform this maneuver. Swords drawn, bullets flying (blanks), horses charging, Soldiers rebel yelling punctuated by today's Cavalry flying over head. I disobeyed a direct order not to position myself on the parade field to capture the image. I fired off probably 30-35 shots, really in the moment trying to make sure I'm getting it all in frame... Next thing I know, the ground is shaking dirt is flying and I'm face down with my palms over the back of my head as these frothing beasts moved the earth around me. Not only did I almost get trampled, I got my ass chewed off by my Sergeant Major for putting myself in danger."

Awesome shot by group member Adam Turner.

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