Contest Ended


Went to this location to do sunset pictures…. on the way I saw this and took a quick shot

Author : Christopher Porter

Stumbled into her while hiking at Lostwood Reserve in North Dakota. She was laying down and I thought it was a white täil deer.

Author : Margaret Marty

A visitor into the camp at fruit bat falls, Cape York, Australia 🇦🇺. He seemed happy enough to sit on the tarp while I snapped away 😊

Author : Kate John

Anchorage Zoo, Alaska 2008

Author : Judith Begley Trimarchi

No animals were harmed in the making of this pure image

Author : Alanna Floreck

My son’s fierce looking but adorable staffi

Author : blueb3ll

Sumatran Orangutans enjoying a snack.

Author : Samantha Smith


Author : Jennifer schmidt

Here is a photo of my pet kitty, Dingaling!

Author : Shane Pickering