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Zuko the Husky caught making some tough life decisions…LOL

Author : Judith Begley Trimarchi

Taken at a pond that is situated inside the community my parents live in. This guy came out of the pond while I was taking pictures of the sunset that evening. To my surprise, only a few meters away almost

Author : Wiehahn Coetzer

It only stopped for a moment before running off between the rocks. I love it’s face!

Author : Rozalia Szatanik

Finding safety in numbers, meerkats live in groups of 10–30, with a female in charge of each smaller family unit. Meerkats spend most of the day foraging for food. A lookout stands on a high viewpoint until relieved by another

Author : David Chesterfield

I stumbled upon an egret at Paynes Prairie, feasting on dragonflies last summer and got some amazing shots!

Author : Kristin Ford

A visitor into the camp at fruit bat falls, Cape York, Australia 🇦🇺. He seemed happy enough to sit on the tarp while I snapped away 😊

Author : Kate John

Taken at an animal welfare shelter. My heart sinks to my shoes seeing these animals, at least they are in a better environment than where they came from.

Author : Wiehahn Coetzer

Red tailed-buzzard

Author : Kirsten Woodcraft

My son’s cockapoo named after Indiana Jones :o)

Author : blueb3ll