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Anchorage Zoo, Alaska 2008

Author : Judith Begley Trimarchi

Taken in January 2017 using a Pentax P30. 35mm film, analogue photography.

Author : Luke Major

Waiting patiently for a feed

Author : Jennifer schmidt

2 of my last years goat kids saying hello shortly after being born.

Author : Be Tina Schurhammer

No animals were harmed in the making of this pure image

Author : Alanna Floreck

Pair of horses shot at golden hour near Whanganui , New Zealand

Author : Be Tina Schurhammer

Wildrose Marsh ND

Author : Margaret Marty

Nana!! Don’t take my pic when I’m yawning!!

Author : Julie Carr

Went to this location to do sunset pictures…. on the way I saw this and took a quick shot

Author : Christopher Porter