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Taken in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia in 2012.

Author : Judith Begley Trimarchi

My son’s fierce looking but adorable staffi

Author : blueb3ll

Zuko the Husky caught making some tough life decisions…LOL

Author : Judith Begley Trimarchi

Although very aware of my presence, this fellow allowed me to get within 1½ metres, enabling me to get some really good shots.

Author : Crooked Paw

This gorgeous creature sat in the trees for a moment, posing for the photo! Taken in Australia.

Author : Rozalia Szatanik

Poodie,toypoodle,seating on a chair in front of a table and waiting to eat.

Author : Tania Chatzidouka

Dolphins riding along side the boat.

Author : Jennifer schmidt

Went to this location to do sunset pictures…. on the way I saw this and took a quick shot

Author : Christopher Porter

Wildrose Marsh ND

Author : Margaret Marty