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A palm tree sways in the breeze as the sky really lights up behind it.

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On my way to many a location, I pass these trees that look like Ents from Lord of the Rings.
It was inevetable that at some stage I was going to shoot them. The other one is a lot narrower,

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This shot was taken from the top of a mountain in Southwest Turkey near the idyllic town of Dalyan. This olive tree is typical of the area’s agriculture and I love how it looks as though it is keeping a

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#nature #sunflower #Birch #firstsnowfall #snow

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Took this pic in my backyard yesterday 11/17/16 with my iPhone6 plus:) I just love Autumn leaves!

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This tree stood out for all the rest to me, tall and strong. It homes many little animals and is quit beautiful.

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Another autumn tree at Bradgate Park

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The clouds moved so quickly on the hills of Mid Wales I was able to wait for a clearance to capture the super moon next to this lonesome tree.

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