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Natadola Golf Course

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Roots of a lone tree on the bank of the James River in Virginia. The smaller tree was dead, the trunk all that was left. The larger tree is a strong pine tree that bears the weight of the waves

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A lonely tree in rural Fort Collins. Shot at dawn in July.

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This was one of my first attempts at photographing the milkway and still remains one of my favourites. I pass this tree every week on my way to work and I love its lonesomeness.

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Swans on the river Tweed mid January

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On the vast sandy dunes of Soest, Netherlands, a tree stood out amongst others. Framed beautifully by another no longer living, the image lacked something. Then from nowhere my feathered friend arrived and the composition was complete.

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Taken on Norfolk Island.The only tree in the cemetery. Bent by the strong winds that blow in from the nearby ocean.
A tribute to nature’s persistence and adaptation. The tree is bent but not broken. A lesson for us all?

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This was the only tree with some colors, in that area… Noticed this during a foggy sunrise shoot near the lake…

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