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I Just Love the beautifull colors mother Nature gives us.

Author : Bram van Triest
13 Votes

Fabulous cloud formations during a bright sunrise

Author : Marietta Proctor
4 Votes

Love to show everyday things in a creative way!

Author : Bram van Triest
11 Votes

Was up at Mt Leura which is located in Camperdown, Victoria, Australia waiting for the supermoon to appear when I took this shot.

Author : Andrew Stubbings
2 Votes

Sun and shadows dancing to chase the fog away

Author : complexionsofearth
0 Votes

Sunset at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia

Author : Sue N Craig Brewer
5 Votes

Gorgeous Sunset taken from the Eiffel Tower

Author : Roz Harris
9 Votes

Misty morning in Bali

Author : Gede Agus Mahaputra
5 Votes

One of the most beautiful ways to see the beach is before the sun crests the horizon.

Author : Dylan Carey
2 Votes