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A mellow winter sunset.

Author : Marietta Proctor
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July through September produces some amazing sunsets and sunrises on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.

Author : Crooked Paw
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During my travels through North America I just had to visit the Cypress tree tunnel near San Fransisco. Photographers I have spoken have been trying for years to get a clean shot of the tunnel without the mist, however I

Author : Guido Diana
9 Votes

Living in upstate New York, all I require for a perfect afternoon is a sunset view on my favorite mountaintop with friends

Author : Alanna Floreck
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Author : Jenny K
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the color of the sunset reflected on the ocean, in an magical spot where the jungle touch the sea

Author : michele tassinari
3 Votes

I took this picture by walking to the end of my street in Waco, Texas. It was a beautiful evening and I wanted to capture the close of the day.

Author : Rebecca Wilson
2 Votes

Sunset just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Shot in last spring during one of those golden days.

Author : Joel Wretblad
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Author : Cathy Dantzler
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